Born in Eastern Germany in 1976, I bought my first plastic camera when I was ten and was instantly hooked on photography. While moments and experiences are unique and impossible to re-create, I see photography as a means to either create a memory for people who lived this very moment in time, or as a trigger to spark others imagination.

While film tries to tell a story in its entirety, a photograph captures only one moment, and leaves the before and after to the spectators imagination. To me, this is the magic that photography is all about. Whether images of musicians or landscapes – I always aim at capturing a mood. Therefore, a ‘good’ picture is not necessarily technically well crafted. A good picture rather enables the spectator to experience a moment, even if they were not present when it happened. That’s why I put in the time, effort and work. I want to create stories, experiences and moments in people’s minds.

I was always very passionate about music and I finally started shooting music events at the MELT! festival 2009, when my favourite band Oasis played their last gig in Germany, before breaking up. Their end was my beginning.

Magnetic Meat – if you are so much in love with someone that you can’t let go.

"Christian´s pictures are beautiful. And dangerous. They inspire me, amaze me, and sadden me - sadden me because they show me all the moments and things in life that I missed out on."

Jan Lemke

Senior Vice President
"I'm his best friend and I love his pictures like a fat boy loves cake."

Manfred Zozin

Head of Arts & Creative
“No matter whether it’s Burning Man or Birmingham – Hedel always has the answer to ‘How was it?'. In one picture, where I would usually need a thousand sentences. Okay, sometimes he is lying, too. Because, sometimes, his pictures are doper than it really was.”

Carsten Schumacher

Head Editor


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